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Comfortable Sleep Apnea Cure


Research continues to accumulate on sleep apnea and other sleep breathing disorders link to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other serious health problems.  But often people find themselves visiting a sleep medicine doctor because they are chronically tired throughout the day or feel like they simply can’t think or concentrate well. 
Sometimes our human nature doesn’t allow us to personalize a life-altering diagnosis like diabetes, or a life changing event like a heart attack or stroke.  We view snoring as an inconvenient reality rather than a symptom of a larger health problem.  Patients may even hesitate to discuss sleep issues with their doctor out of fear of being sentenced to a lifetime of using a loud CPAP machine with a bulky Darth Vader-like mask.cpap nasal pillow
However, when the coffee and energy drink lifestyle spirals into poor job performance and dozing during the red traffic light – sleep apnea patients will find comfort that the old stigma of loud, bulky CPAP machines and masks have been modernized with sleek, quiet machines with patient specific pressure settings that are carefully titrated to each patients’ airway management and comfort needs.  Mask options have also increased such that the term mask is innappropriate and nasal pillow is the word used for many of the newer products.
The patient in the testimonial video below describes the incredible improvement in her restfulness and thinking ability.  She also praises the ease of use and comfort of her PAP therapy device. 




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